Let’s start from the very beginning! My name is Hannah, which is a palindrome! What’s a palindrome you ask? A palindrome is a word, phrase or sequence that is spelled the same backwards or forwards- and it makes for a fun conversation starter whenever I meet someone new.

About me- I am a soon-to-be PA-S heading to USC this August! But before I became a soon-to-be, I was many other things- an EMT-B, an ER Tech, an ambulance attendant, a volunteer undergrad research associate, a proud UCLA Bruin… and most importantly, a persistent second-time applicant.

You heard that right- I didn’t get in the first time around!  I know I’m not alone and I’m here to tell you all about it. My goal here is to reach all aspiring healthcare professionals and to provide motivation and support for those of us who didn’t necessarily find success on their first attempt.  What I have found over these past many years is that the journey is what helps define us- it challenges us, it teaches us, it scares us, and most of all it shapes us into the amazing healthcare providers we will ultimately end up being. My original plan was to take one year “off” in between undergrad and starting a PA program. Now, it’s been five years and I wouldn’t change a single minute of it. I am proud of my accomplishments, however unconventional some of them may have been. I have seen my friends fly past me as they start and finish nursing and medical school and at times I have definitely felt behind. What can be difficult is trying to remember that YOUR start line is all that matters.  Comparison is very truly the thief of joy, so find your joy in your journey. And if you’ve found my page because you’re starting your journey- I could not be more excited for you!

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